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DIY: A Cornerless Home

Design14 November 2018

By Robin Boy

DIY: A Cornerless Home

With thick white walls and a spaceship-like shape, this California house is so unique that it looks like out of this world.

Called Spaceship House, it is located in La Selva Beach, California. The intriguing house was built by landscape architect Mary Gordon, where it is unusually sculptured. The white house is 700 square feet and is nothing but groovy, modern, and ageless.

From the outside, it seems like you’re welcomed to a paradise with a pathway where you can enjoy the bright and beautiful flowers on your left and right. Certainly there’s no need to fear the heat of the weather as there are lots of plants and trees to fight of the heat wave.

The house itself is all about curvy walls and concrete flooring warmed with selective use of color and texture, which is mostly done with popping bright colors and a knotty Moroccan rug. It feels minimalist and clean that you’ll probably feel like the world is doomed if you leave a stain on the perfectly white walls.

For the bedroom, although it’s far from being spacious, it is enough for you to wake up to an unusual morning. The clean bed is accompanied by a small round overbed table beside and again, a cornerless window that will allow the ray of sun shines perfectly to the bed.

Keep in mind, the house has zero closets. You can cope with some clever efficiencies everything sort of has storage in it. For example, the bed has drawers built into it and the long bench in the family room also has storage in it. You can’t put everything you have there, but it certainly fits when you’re looking for a short vacation in a compact and unique house.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Pinterest and Architectural Digest