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Crazy Rich Diamonds!

Fashion15 October 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

Crazy Rich Diamonds!

Inspired by Michelle Yeoh’s dazzling style in phenomenal film Crazy Rich Asians, high-end jewelry brand Mondial presented a limited collection of jewelries.

Studded in diamonds and emerald, this new collection looks timelessly elegant, just like Yeoh is. Believed to nurture healing energy to the spirit, the emerald becomes the central element of the collection. The center piece is garlanded with highest quality diamonds, because everybody knows who women’s best friend is. Blue sapphire stone is available as an alternative; which also reminds us of Eleanor Young’s outfits in Crazy Rich Asians.

It’s hard to choose the brightest ones, but here are our top picks for your fashion inspiration:


The pair is simply noticeable with a total of 12.5 carat Colombian emeralds on the core. Framed by 18K white gold and fully ornamented with clear diamonds, they give soft yet powerful shine to your whole appearance.


This one-off ring simply makes you the queen of the ball. With 13.78 carat unheated blue sapphire glimmering from the eye of the ring, one can’t simply take one’s eyes off of the 10 colorless diamonds surrounding it.


Diamond necklace and Little Black Dress are a match made in heaven. The five nearly-identical cuts of Colombian diamonds make this one a masterpiece. Adorned with “rain-dropping” diamonds, the 13.63 carat emeralds sparkle like the river amidst a fantastical forest.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Mondial Jeweler and Warner Bros Pictures