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Crazy about Samsung Galaxy S10

Tech & biz26 February 2019

By Larasati Oetomo

Crazy about Samsung Galaxy S10

The latest addition to South Korean gadget giant’s flagship model is ready in few weeks from now, while the pre-order session has lasted for almost a week.

The series will include the following: S10, S10 Plus, S10e, and variant 5G. While everyone is already crazy for the upcoming releases, we need to know if everything’s worth the money and not merely gimmicks. So, what can we learn about Samsung Galaxy S10 so far?

Invisibly Top-Notch

Samsung Galaxy S10 will appear almost totally full-screen with their hidden notch. The front camera is able to hide itself from sight when it’s inactive, although it will be noticeable when opening certain apps. This one is a real challenge to pushing bezeled phones aside.

Big, But Not A Giant

The problem with bigger phones (the standard S10 is 6.1in) is that they tend to be bulky for single-hand use and impractical. Completed with the impressive One UI from Android 9 Pie and the brand’s signature Infinity-O Design, the phone slides easily even in single-hand use.

No Bullshit

Samsung is preparing their latest phones to run like lighting with their latest Exynos 9820, coupled with 8GB of RAM. In terms of power efficiency, it is also proven to be 40% more effective compared to the one that powered S9. With extra 400mAh in the battery, it is said to have one of the longest lasting online modes in flagship phones.

Fingerprint only Belongs to the Screen

Samsung is moving their fingerprint sensor to the rear part of their screen, leaving their glimmering rear-side sleek and flawless.

Plugged and Unplugged

Contrary to rumors, Samsung will not throw away their 3.5mm jack for your convenience. However, there will be Galaxy Buds available for free for pre-orders prior to 8 March 2019.

Strong and Firm

The phone is built to be water-resistance up to 1.5m in the water for half an hour—easing our anxieties for bad weather. It is also set to have up to 512 gigabytes in-built memory, which is practically limitless.