Coming Soon: Hermés Beauty

Beauty27 March 2019

By Nabila Kaulika

Coming Soon: Hermés Beauty

Luxury brand Hermés plans to bring its luxury to a whole new level by launching two new ventures into their brand: skincare and cosmetics.

The brand is set to launch the line in 2020—starting small by releasing products in its store exclusively. The products will be manufactured by third-party companies in French and Italy, while being developed and formulated in-house to promise its quality. Joining the sustainability movement, Hermés plans to contribute back to the environment by using plastic-free packaging.

Hermés is actually not new to the beauty world. The skincare products that the brand currently has include body balm and a range of perfumes.

There hasn’t been any further discussion on the products that the brand will launch, but we can imagine that the brand will follow other luxury brands’ footsteps such as Chanel and Dior by offering a range of products from cleanser, moisturizer, and more.  The upcoming beauty products are expected to have premium prices, as it has been for all their products in the past.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Superfuture, Designboom, & Hermes