Color Palette Ideas: Dark Interior

Design05 September 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

Color Palette Ideas: Dark Interior

Rarely would people go for dark colors when it comes to designing their rooms. Dark colors, mostly when applied on the wall, tend to make our room looking narrow and bleak.

So, how do interior designers and some (quirky) home owners made their dark rooms appear elegant - even vibrant? Worry not because we too, can do it. There is always the rule of thumb in everything and painting your room dark is included. Here's the easy-to-follow almanac we need to do in turning black the new white:

First, make sure to only include one very deep color to use. Is it charcoal? Wine? Emerald? Pick yours, as long as you only include one. More than one shade of dark colors will be redundant as every color will discourage each other.

Second, pick a pair of two lighter, cooler colors from the same shade to combine. For example, you can pick mauve and periwinkle altogether, two cooler shades of purple, along with your dark blue paint.

Third, be brave enough to pick at least one bright color to add more dimension to your room. Yellow, green, or burgundy are considerably popular picks for this trick.

Now you already know the secrets. It is now time to apply some theories to empirical situations. As you might explore the right combination yourself, below we paint down some color palette ideas of dark-colored room for you: