Celebrate the Process

Art & Culture10 August 2018

By Febi Ramdhan

Celebrate the Process

With “Reka Rupa Rasa” (Imaginate Illustrate Impress), Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space returns with illustration festival under smArt Dia.Lo.Gue program.

As a child, we always do something with our intuition, where we forget about logical or rational things. We always improve and create anything that we want.

When talking about illustration, children can illustrate without distraction. Therefore, most artists in the universe are children—like painter Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist”.

How about illustration process nowadays?

smArt Dia.Lo.Gue is back with the celebration of illustration world. With Reka, Rupa, and Rasa, curators Hermawan Tanzil and David Irianto wish that people can join to celebrate and enjoy the process of thinking and aesthetic experimenting.

Reka Rupa Rasa features 3 international illustrators: Koichiro Kashima from Japan, Ye Ji Yun from Korea, and Nuttapong Daovichitr from Thailand. There are as well 10 Indonesian illustrators and studios in the likes of Lala Bohang, Kendra Ahimsa, Gema Semesta, Heimlo, Sandy Lee, Debby Tea, and etc.

The festival will be held until 19th August at Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space. Come and enjoy the aesthetic experiment.

Take a look at some snaps from the exhibition below:

PHOTOS Febi Ramdhan