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BY ARRA Releases La Grace

Fashion08 December 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

BY ARRA Releases La Grace

It is every girl's dream (from the girl next door to Audrey Hepburn, we're sure) to spend a warm evening having a Parisian high tea session with best girl friends. BYARRA made that dream come true with her latest collection La Grace.

Local designer Armita Hutagalung is back on the stage again with her latest line BY ARRA, this time with inspiration from ladies in Roman era. Hutagalung leaves behind traces of elegance and conservative femininity for the collection, which has become BY ARRA's signature.

The collection proves its versatility to fit many special occasions. As some of the pieces have wedding vibes, other fits the mood of Christmas, New Year, and evening soiree. Presenting Aleshia Dress, a soft caramel and broken white satin which will help women reveal their sharp shoulders while the Dolce Dress will boost their confidence to stay fabulous day and night. Alternatively, women can feel fancy and elegant in Fellice dress to unlock the fascination all around them or portray the image of princess in Patricia Dress. Last but not least, women should really try on Vannecia Dress to accentuate the shape of body, dazing any events to attend.

Hutagalung experiments with camel and pearl shades that glow perfectly in satin garment. Laces and embroidery wrap the whole artwork and making them an A-list of any girl's dress. Two-tone creamery color of silver and gold is especially made to adapt with different skin tones. As the designer said herself, "Because being different is beautiful."

The royal-esque collection was showcased in HighEnd's special event High Tea with HighEnd X Lamer, last October.

PHOTOS: Courtesy of BY ARRA