Bugatti in Your Living Room
Larasati Oetomo
23 April 2019

When they introduced their home furniture products back in 2016, Bugatti translated their speed and balance to homes.

Now, they returned with several sofas and chairs named after their record-breaking supercar: Chiron. If you take a look at this cobra chair, it may remind you of the iconic “arcs” on both sides of the respected car. Too bad we can’t really take the chair from 0 to 100km/h in 2.5 seconds.

A collection of sofa, armchairs, and chairs in the brand new Bugatti Home Collection are created in the mood for speed. They are typically slim and smart; painted in Chiron’s color palettes. Mini Bugatti monograms are seen on the cushion rest and pillows just in case you forget who made these sofas.

They are not necessarily elegant, but they look more like something you’d find in F1 VIP lounge. These pieces are both sporty and chic in cool ash, marble, and electric blue colors.

The Volkswagen Group-owned company claimed that their current furniture collection is made from "extremely soft high-performance technical fabrics," which includes marbles and—guess what—carbon fiber. We’re not really sure if it’s the same carbon fiber as used in the actual Chiron, but at least we can brag about it.

The design is made in collaboration with Luxury Living Group, as inspired by the design works from the late Carlo Bugatti, one of the founding fathers of the automobile manufacture back in late 19th century.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Bugatti