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Best Films Directed by Women

Art & Culture21 February 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

Best Films Directed by Women

With BAFTA still on our social media feed and Oscars coming along the way, the feminine issue in cinema industry remains strong.

In celebrating the biggest blockbuster appreciation evening, we are going to celebrate the creative power of women by listing down most ground-breaking and imaginative women sitting on Director’s Seat, along with their best production. Can you name them all?

LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003) – Sofia Coppola

This is every woman and man’s drama—no further translation needed. As Sofia is known for her distinctive works on The Godfather III and Star Wars episode I, Lost in Translation remains the epitome of Cannes 2017’ Best Director winner.


Talking about elephant in the room, Mouly beautifully present how physically-distinctive people communicate the universal language of love.

LADY BIRD (2017) – Greta Gerwig

The coming-of-age movie is a strong contender for the upcoming Academy Awards; blame it to flawless performance of the actors and beautifully-written script.

THE HITCH-HIKER (1953) – Ida Lupino

In her era, Lupino proved all the men in the industry in the coolest way possible that it is highly possible for women to direct all-too-masculine film noir.

THE SEEN AND UNSEEN (2017) – Kamila Andini

Although this is not Kamila’s first critically-acclaimed film, a plausible review from Toronto Film Festival and Busan Film Festival is really something.

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE (2006) – Valerie Faris & Jonathan Dayton

This husband-and-wife project is as warm as it sounds. Despite it being the directorial debut of the couple, they carry four Oscars nomination for the family comedy-drama cult.