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Beauty Ritual We Did Wrong

Beauty10 January 2018

By Annisa Laksmintari

Beauty Ritual We Did Wrong

Most spend plenty of time putting on makeup, but nearly everyone doesn’t spend enough time to properly take it off after getting dolled off for the day.

While cleansing our face after a tiring day is the most important beauty ritual to keep our face healthy, let’s admit it—some of us might not paying enough attention to do it the right way. Let’s quit our bad behavior and do the proper way to replenish our skin after a tiring day. Here’s how:


For those who have sensitive eyelid skin, contact lens wearers, and even the most discerning eye makeup enthusiasts, a very gentle eye make-up cleanser is important. Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover is the two phased makeup remover is made with a special formula that's suitable for those needs. It takes off the most stubborn of eye makeups, including waterproof mascara.


Sisley Paris Creamy Mousse Cleanser Makeup Remover is a two-in-one, delicate, and creamy formula gently cleanses your face while removing makeup and impurities. This creamy mouse cleanser is enriched with lily and provitamin B5 to soften the skin and help maintain the hydrolipidic barrier.


For an all-around product, Tom Ford ‘Purifying’ Cleansing Oil not only removes makeup but also soothes the skin. The combination of nutrient-rich natural oils that it contains cleanses and detoxifies skin without disrupting its moisture barrier - so worry not of your preconditioned oily face.


Don’t miss out the lip part, despite being easier to cleanse. Due to its sensitive trait, use only eye make-up cleanser to wipe off the remaining lip colorant. Charlotte Tilbury ‘Take It All Off’ Genius Eye Make-Up Remover is an oil-rich cleanser is packed full with soothing organic cornflower water, antioxidant flax flower and regenerating Veronica extract.


Some days deprive you of energy, so much so that it feels like wiping off makeup, dirt, smudge, and grime off your face feels too much. MAC Gently Off Wipes + Micellar Water is practical, non-irritating and gentle makeup-removing towelettes are made exactly just for that. The addition of micellar water in the wipes will help cleanse and soothe the skin after an already exhausting day.