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Beauty Legacy of Heidy Kandou

Profile08 November 2018

By Grisselda Pherry

Beauty Legacy of Heidy Kandou

Heidy Kandou and Agatha Nindya shared how they maintain their close bond with each other with the daily hustle they have to face.


What do you want your daughter to be when you first had her?

When I first had my daughter, I just want her to be like herself, because at that time, I just want her to grow up healthy. Nindya was born premature, she was only 2.5 kg back then, the next day she dropped to 2.3, and she was only 45 cm. So I could only hope for Nindya to grow healthily and have a normal height. I could not thank God enough that she turned out perfect. Now she is into art, majoring in product development of jewelry design. I don’t want to pressure my daughter, I just want her to be what she wants to be.

What has Nindya achieved that you are proud of the most?

Nindya’s school projects, many of her projects are chosen to be one of the best and got displayed in her campus. To see it being displayed touches my heart, how her hard work pays off. Another thing that I am really proud of my daughter is that she is really simple and down to earth; her character is very calm, humble and everyone around her feels comfortable being with her.


Nindya, what are your currently busy with?

Agatha Nindya (N): I am currently working on my dissertation. In my free time, I help out in SamKim, but mostly design, such as handling the social media, photo-shoots, and various promotional designs. Basically everything that has got to do with design. I also do have project designing jewelry, but that’s only for fun, I have not started on the branding etc.

Do you want to be like your mom when you are older? She is an incredible public figure and a socialite.

N: I would like to be like my mom partially. I want to work hard like she does, and to have her enthusiastic spirit. However, I do not want to be that busy, I want to have a real balance of work and my free time. I prefer to work in the back end instead of appearing in public, though I like being in the same business beauty line as my mom, but I am quite uncomfortable being in a public figure role.

What message do you want to tell each other that you haven’t had the chance to?

H: I want her to know its okay to always work on the back end, but its also okay to be daring and bold, not to show off but to demonstrate to people the good example; we must be able to lead.

N: Thankyou mom for always cheering the whole house up, never get tired to greet me cheerfully even when I am ignorant at times. Thanks for always reminding me that family is our main priority. All that I am and ought to be, I owe it to you and so a million thank you would not be enough.

PHOTOS Rudi Sulistya | STYLING Bung Bung Mangaraja | MAKE-UP Dodo using SamKim | DIGITAL IMAGING Isnu Dwimartanto | LOCATION Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali | WARDROBE Kraton by Auguste Soesastro, Purana, La Perla

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