Beauty Hacks by Heddy Kandou
Olivia Elena Hakim & Kezia Ponggawa
15 June 2017

 Heddy Kandou is already on top of her games after more than twenty years immersing herself in the IT company, and now she finds her way back to her old flame in the aesthetic scene. What would be the beauty hacks from the main figure behind PT HAKA Luxury Indonesia, the sole distributor of premium Korea-based beauty brand SamKim?

You frequently travel to Korea. Can you tell us about what you discovered there?
I have lots of friends there, so I often visit them. One day we talked a lot about beauty in Korea, and suddenly, I already fled back-and-forth to the country for two years, only to search for the ‘right’ beauty product.  I didn’t find it in the famous Myong-Dong area or in the flourishing Korean department stores. I found it in a hospital, in the hands of one of the most respected dermatologists there, Dr. SamKim.

What is it exactly that you were looking for?
The right ingredients for our Asian skin. In Korea I came across Dr. Sam Kim, a scientist who found the double-coating system to preserve vitamin C in a beauty product. Why? Because vitamin C will vanish once it’s in contact with air or water. By protecting the vitamin inside a beauty product, it will still be an active ingredient whenever you’re using it.

But lots of beauty products are claiming ‘vitamin C’ contents…
When we’re using vitamin C-based product, only when the vitamin is protected, you will gain real result; the face will look bright and healthy. And that’s where you need this double-coating system. It’s world-patented by Dr. SamKim.

Now that you’ve successfully brought SamKim skincare line to Indonesia, what are you up to right now?
After celebrating SamKim Skincare and Cosmetics Indonesia’s anniversary last March, we introduced a new addition to our collection: cosmetics line. We have seven-colored lipsticks, lip balms, eye shadows, loose powders, and eyebrow gels, and they are all equipped with the double-coated vitamin C. The products are also infused with melatonin that acts as an antioxidant agent. Furthermore, we will establish the House of SamKim at Pantai Indah Kapuk, St. Moritz, and Senayan City, where our clienteles will be pampered by our makeup artists.

As a businesswoman, you travel a lot. How can you manage to keep your skin this fresh?
During long-haul flights, I try my best to sleep as much as possible, stay relaxed, drink vitamin C regularly, and stick to my regular facial treatments.

Heddy Kandou’s Beauty Ritual:
  • Drink lots of water
  • Do simple workout routine, such as jogging
  • Wash face regularly, then apply toner, essence, or BB cream
  • Don’t overdo makeup (she only uses lipstick and powder on the daily basis)
  • Stay away from stress 

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