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Bath Salt is Beyond the Hype

Beauty26 July 2018

By Caroline Giovanie

Bath Salt is Beyond the Hype

Just like bath bombs, bath salts also enjoyed their popularity among beauty lovers in the past few years. Some use them ritualistically, mostly for the soothing scent it bears. But is it worthy of the fame or is it just another beauty placebo?

Bath salts, aside from looking aesthetically pleasing and being a perfect addition to your Instagram story, pose a lot of other good qualities. Find out why you should add these salts to your pampering routine!


Bath salts prove to be extremely beneficial for your skin. They help to soothe your skin and reduce inflammation, as well as detoxifying it from every stressor it experiences on a daily basis (think harmful sunrays and environmental pollution).  Bath salts also encourage healing which can address skin conditions like eczema.


Besides removing bad things from within your skin, bath salts can also add good things to it. It can encourage hydration and lower your body temperature, making you feeling more relaxed. This can prevent skin issues like inflammation.


To top it all off, bath salts lower the temperature of your body and offer soothing scent deriving from the minerals and oils. This does not only prevent inflammation but also prepare your muscles to rest, thus helping you sleep better. Feeling relaxed is also really good for some TLC for your body after a long day.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Nubian’s Secret, Lucie’s Apothecary