Barbie X Iwan Tirta Private

Fashion25 October 2018

By Vanya Gabriela

Barbie X Iwan Tirta Private

Early in October, manufacturing company Mattel Indonesia launched a new Barbie collection of batik-clad dolls called Barbie Batik Kirana, just in time for National Batik Day.

The collection was produced in collaboration with well-known batik brand Iwan Tirta Private Collection and it was inspired by the diverse cultural heritage of Indonesia. “Barbie Batik Kirana was designed and developed in Indonesia for Indonesians”, Mattel Southeast Asia country manager Ivan Franco said during the collection’s launch at La Moda restaurant in Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Mattel Indonesia president director Roy Tandean explained that Barbie Batik Kirana was the company’s first collaboration with Indonesian designer. Last year, Mattel Indonesia produced a Barbie doll dressed in batik exclusively for the company's 25th anniversary, however, the newly launched Barbie Batik Kirana is the first batik-wearing doll created for sale.

Roy also said that in the past 25 years, Mattel Indonesia had produced around 50 percent of the world’s Barbie dolls, adding that it was a dream to finally produce them dressed in iconic batik outfits to promote and support Indonesia’s rich values and heritage. Through this collaboration they are also encouraging Indonesian children to be limitless as well as to nurture their love for the art and beauty of batik as well as batik making.

Barbie Batik Kirana currently comes in two outfits, namely Kawung Manis and Sawunggaling Latar Kopi Pecah.The former illustrates the hope to remain wise and humble and to remember our ancestors. Meanwhile, Sawunggaling Latar Kopi Pecah symbolizes the hope for our leaders to be fair, balance, strong and kind.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Mattel