An Afternoon with Ayu Laksmi

Profile25 January 2018


An Afternoon with Ayu Laksmi

On a rainy day in the heart of Kota Tua area, we had some coffee and talked with one of our Indonesia’s Beautiful Women 2018 nominees, Ayu Laksmi.

The actor that rises to national fame with her role in Pengabdi Setan film was a graceful presence. She was not only eloquent before the lens, but as a multitalented artist too.

About her origin:

In Bali, she admits, art is more of a lifestyle than mere entertainment or hobby. Despite being raised in a family that emphasizes the importance of education, Ayu’s parents taught their children to learn almost all kind of art from music, dance, theatre, painting, and many others. In her family tradition, art is a form of emotional and behavioral education that gives life a sense of balance.

About the definition of art:

Personally, Ayu views art as a spiritual finding to the self. Following that statement, she finds it essential to do it whole-heartedly, as it manifests the expression of gratitude to God and communication to the universe. She also refers art as a way of self-discovery, where there is no right or wrong—it all depends on how we embrace those things.

About her artistic journey:

Having already exposed to the world of art since age 5, there is no bottom line for Ayu to explore every aesthetic potential. Among all, she feels mostly blessed to be the concept-maker slash director of some theatrical music shows and to self-produce her album SvaraSemesta. Right now, she continues to expand her career in both Jakarta and Bali attending TV and award shows, preparing her next Svara Semesta concert, and getting involved as tourism ambassador for Indonesia and specifically for Bali.

About what beauty means:

Ayu tells us that beauty in women means the ability to perceive and appreciate beauty that comes from the others. Beyond the bound of physical attractiveness, she sees beauty as an attitude to always reside with goodwill and beauty itself that later brings the sense of being at peace with oneself.

About Indonesian women:

Carrying identity as Indonesian woman, Ayu is glad that more women here have bigger chance to grow their potentials, although it cannot be generalized to all parts of Indonesia where certain modes and norms are different and cannot be simply discredited. She also believes that a mother is like the earth to universe, where she becomes the root and pillar to many aspects of life.

Photo RUDI SULISTYA @banucatra for HIGHEND | Make-up DEWI PARAMITA |Location OVLEH Building 3rd floor (Semasa di Kota Tua), Jl. Jembatan Batu, Tamansari, West Jakarta