A Snug Hive in the Capital

Wine & Dine17 September 2018

By Robin Boy

A Snug Hive in the Capital

Finding a warm and cozy place eligible for both work and small talks over coffee won’t be a problem anymore, as HIVEWORKS provides them all.

A place to sip a cup of hot Americano while finishing your assignments without worrying about the noises from other guests is finally one drive away. Introducing a mixed concept, HIVEWORKS Co-working Café is especially built for those who want to work, hold a meeting, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee.

Strategically located in Central Jakarta, HIVEWORKS is the perfect space for both working and hanging out. As a newly opened co-working café, it targets to satisfy the customers with delightful experiences. The interior is designed specifically to create a warm atmosphere where customers can spend hours without having to feel any inconveniences and noises from people next to their table.

As soon as you step inside, you’ll see a very comfortable co-working space on the right part and a very spacious café on the left. At the co-working area, there is a communal space for small group gathering, meeting rooms available for up to 12 persons, and dedicated, private desks for those who joined as member. Members will also have locker access to keep their personal belongings and can enjoy a 10% discount for beverages menu.

Inside café itself, you can pamper yourself with mouth-devouring banana cake, mac n cheese, croissant sandwich, and eapple pastry with all priced below Rp40.000,-. Of course, a café won’t be complete without caffeinated drinks. HIVEWORKS provide you with everything you can think of, starting from espresso, americano, latte, to affogato, you can have it all by only spending less than Rp50.000,-. Our recommendation would be Kopi Canda, their in-house iced coffee that has balanced taste between creamy milk and the freshness of cold-brew coffee.

HIVEWORKS opens from 8AM to 10PM every day. For more information, please call: +62 818 525 008.

HIVEWORKS Co-work & Café

Jl. Karet Pasar Baru Timur 5 No.25, Karet Tengsin

Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10250

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