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90s Classics for Halloween

Art & Culture08 October 2018

By Robin Boy

90s Classics for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and we have gathered some of the best 90’s movies exclusively for you to watch.

People have different ways to celebrate Halloween and watching horror thrilling movies, among all, is one of the most common ways to enjoy the season. However, with the amount of films out there right now, it is rather hard to find satisfying movies. Therefore, we collected for you some of the best movies from the 90’s for your Halloween movie night.


Based on the 1993 novel with the same name, A Simple Plan follows the people who discover a crashed plane that carries $4.4 million cash. As the story continues, they make sure they’re the only one privy to the occurrence but eventually begin to doubt each other, resulting in lies and murders. The easy money concept of this film is very much relatable to the audience, and seeing how each character deals with the situation is what keeps them watching.

FARGO (1996)

Written, produced, and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, the crime thriller movie manages to awe the audience and film critics. The mysterious story is supremely satisfying that it was even adapted into a TV series back in 2014. As expected from the Coen brothers, Fargo is also much loved for the brilliant cinematography and music even though it was made in the 90s.


Titled as Dead Alive in North America, Braindead is a movie directed by Peter Jackson about a rabid rat-monkey, resurrected mom, zombies, and other audacious things you can never imagine. The comedy horror movie is even dubbed as the grossest movie of all time by many filmmakers and critics. However, at the time of its release it is praised to be Jackson’s best work to date. The bottom line is if you’re not opposed to gross scenes, then this movie has to be added to your watch-list.


American Beauty tells the story of an ignored head of family who is intrigued by his daughter’s girl friend that leads him to make major changes in his life. It is positively received by many for its exceptional quirkiness and even managed to be the winner of 5 Academy Awards nominations. Although it’s not your typical family-friendly movie to watch during Halloween, it still offers the sophisticated dark comedy that suits the celebration.


Arguably the most popular movie of its time, The Silence of the Lambs is a multiple Oscar winning thriller movie involving elements of murder and cannibalism. Anthony Hopkins’ acting as the blood-curdling Lecter is also considered one of the key to success of the box-office smash and won him an Oscar as the best actor in a leading role. Overall, its nerve-wrecking, tense, horrifying, and unforgettable storyline will never fail to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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