8 Underrated Eid Travel Spots

Travel29 May 2019

By Larasati Oetomo

8 Underrated Eid Travel Spots

The Emirates, checked. Qatar, checked. Saudi Arabia, checked. Yet, these are not the only Muslim-friendly travel destinations worthy of visit.

From the Africas, to the Mediterranean Peninsula, to Western and Central Asia and Eastern Europe—the long history of Muslim traces are all over the globe. The Middle-Eastern is not the only place to learn about the beauty and culture of Islam.

There are a lot of countries out there that are not only Muslim-friendly in terms of praying spots and food; they are also rich in Islamic history. You can do Mosque-hopping from one place to another, visiting ruins, exploring the acculturation of Islam heritage, experiencing local Muslim’s lifestyles, to seeking for spiritual experiences at sacred places.

We list down some of the most underrated, yet beautiful travel spots rich in Islam culture and history suitable for your spiritual itinerary. Some of them are surprisingly Muslim-friendly in terms of lifestyle, although not necessarily a country known for its Muslim culture:


Good for: Mosque-hopping, nature exploration


Good for: Historical sites, spiritual journey


Good for: Muslim-friendly lifestyle, culture exploration


Good for: Historical sites, nature exploration


Good for: Historical sites, culture exploration


Good for: Mosque-hopping, spiritual journey


Good for: Historical sites, culture exploration, mosque-hopping


Good for: Nature exploration, culture exploration