21st MercedesTrophy Golf is On

Men's Corner11 July 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

21st MercedesTrophy Golf is On

This year, German luxury car manufacture Mercedes-Benz is holding their 21st ever golf tournament MercedesTrophy Indonesia 2017. The annual tournament is specifically held to engage with Merc owners through a golf game, whether for beginners or novices. As a part of global events, winners of Indonesian Finals 2017 are given the opportunity to compete in regional and global levels.

This year, the Indonesian Final round will be take place on 12 July 2017, at Royale Jakarta Golf Club. Seven winners of the Indonesian Final round will have an opportunity to represent the Indonesian team at the MercedesTrophy Asian Final event at Sanctuary Cove Resort, Australia on 9-11 August, 2017. The best player in the Asian Final will have an opportunity to compete in the MercedesTrophy World Final on 3-8 October, 2017, that will take place in Stuttgart, Germany, home of the Mercedes-Benz headquarters. The registration for the MercedesTrophy Indonesia tournament itself has been opened since 19 June 2017.

The MercedesTrophy 2017 is divided into 4 categories, which are Flight A, Flight B, Flight C as well as the Ladies Category. Seven winners will be selected from each category: 2 winners from Flight A, 2 winners from Flight B, 2 winners from Flight C as well as 1 winner from the Ladies Category. In total, Mercedes are targeting 144 participants this year.

Other than engaging amateurs, Mercedes-Benz recently reach up to engage more female players. Last year, they held the first female-only She's Mercedes Ladies Golf. Merc also provide a number of mini events in support of the tournament, namely golf workshop, brand new Mercedes AMG test-driving session with pro escort, and others. The Hole-in-One prizes available at the MercedesTrophy Indonesia 2017 tournament are the Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 and the Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 AMG Line.

PHOTO: Mercedes-Benz

(Online) application/registration info (last call): registrasi@mercedestrophyid.com, admin@mercedestrophyid.com or 081290901936 as well as through the Mercedes-Benz Official Dealership.