2019 Hair Color Trends
Larasati Oetomo
24 April 2019

Bayalage and ashy colors have been around the streets for a couple of years. What would be the next big thing in hair salons?

Entering 2019, One Piece Hair Studio once again revealed hair styles and colors that will make it big in 2019. Titled “Vision”, the hair collection talked about wisdom and imagination. Dreamy colors like lilac and platinum blue dominates the collection. With a combination of whites and silvers, the softness of the color will pop out.

For those who prefer to play safe with dark colors, brownie and ashy highlights bring freshness to your crown.

Bubbly colors like pink and green will also make its return with paler shades. In short, you can play with any color without going over the top as long as you mix them with muted colors.

Bright or dark, the Japanese salon has a variety of “visions” to try on your hair—according to your overall look and personality.

PHOTOS Courtesy of One Piece Hair Studio