2018 Home Design Forecast

Design05 January 2018

By Adelia Ayu

2018 Home Design Forecast

From smart home to simplistic design, here is what we know about 2018 home design trend.

Bronze, concrete, marble and wood will definitely exist in house interior trend category. It might be a little bit plain, but ironically chromatic palettes in interior design trends are also going to be audacious. A modern design twist of retro will be a hit in furnishing trends. 70s-inspired graphics, bright patterns, and fabrics definitely create new mindset in home decor this year. Here are several lists of trends that revisit the past and give promising future for design world.

Open Space Living

Established as a new trend for modern living, the open space design concept is the best solution for minimalist homes or small spaces. Throughout 1950 to 1960, this concept is the most popular among homebuilders since they can design houses using less square footage. To avoid it looking dull considering separation of one room and another, emphasizing degree of separation between each area, floor changing and furniture groupings could scale up the perception of spaces.

Natural Lighting

Alongside the rising interest in revisiting the wisdom of older buildings, natural lighting also gathers new admirers.  Since vision is our dominant sense, natural lighting holds a primary role in making each part of the building become both visually pleasing and appealing. The other factor that makes natural lighting more appealing is the dynamic nature of it that makes bright light during different times of the day as it fluctuates with passing clouds. For the occupants, natural lighting also holds an important role in their health.

Smart Home

Smart home is popularly defined as home automation including lighting, heating and ventilation with two elemental elements, electricity and WiFi. Imagine waking up in the morning to favorite songs streaming through speakers in the ceiling with powers and electricity that automatically turn off once you step outside the door. Even though it is considered quite affordable, the high technology appliances should be maintained well if this futuristic house is on your favorites list.

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