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1st Ever Margarita Festival is Here

Wine & Dine07 February 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

1st Ever Margarita Festival is Here

In celebration of Margarita Day on 22 February, the oldest tequila brand in the world Jose Cuervo will be holding Cuervo Margarita Festival for the first time ever in Indonesia.

The festival will be held from 12-25 February 2018 simultaneously in 8 partnered outlets, including 7 outlets in Jakarta and 1 outlet in Bali. 8 mixologists from the 8 outlets will present their signature creation of the tequila-based cocktail, along with limited offerings and entertainment during the festive event.

The outlets include Por Que No, Publik Markette, Wilshire, SAVOI, De Luca, Super Loco, and Lucy in The Sky in Jakarta, as well as Rock Bar in Bali.

Prior to the anticipated week, every signature Margarita from 7 outlets in Jakarta is presented in an invitational tasting fair. A selection of margaritas, starting from the mixture with orange liquor to chocolate margarita, is mixed and served by the outlet’s most reliable mixologist for the guests to sip. Most of the creations hint the authentic smoothness and balanced sweet-sourness from Jose Cuervo Tradicional and Especial tequila.

HighEnd’s favorite is the foamy, stirred Margarita from De Luca, along with the one from Wilshire. During the event, each outlet is collecting coupons per single order from the invitees. That evening, Super Loco is revealed to be the winner of the rally with most collected coupons.

Well, there are lots of ways to enjoy Margarita, and our faves may not fit your palate. So we guess that would be nice to find out your own favorite during the Cuervo Margarita Festival in each outlet.

PHOTOS Maverick/Proximo Spirits, Larasati Oetomo