11th Anniversary with The Queens

Profile01 April 2019

By Annisa Laksmintari & Listya Manopo

11th Anniversary with The Queens

HighEnd once again unites the reigning queen of the world Miss World 2018 and the newly crowned Miss Indonesia 2019 in an exclusive photo shoot for the magazine’s 11th anniversary.

Vanessa Ponce de León and Princess Megonondo hit it off right away without a hitch, looking stunning in each of the frames they shot. They also shared their journeys to victory, which are nothing but inspiring, to HighEnd. The full story and photoshoot is available on our 11th Anniversary Issue; available in your nearest bookstores starting from April 2019.

Vanessa Ponce, Miss World 2018

Born Silvia Vanessa Ponce de León Sánchez, the stunning beauty lives and breathes compassion and tolerance, the two most important life values she holds dear. Vanessa, who holds a degree in International Business and a diploma in human rights, values every single life she meets and is adamant on doing all that she can to help others. ”As the reigning Miss World, I will teach others and show them how important it is to work together as a community. We see problems of others from such a distance, we don’t really relate, but if we make their problems ours, and if we make their dreams ours, we can create a family and take care of each other. I would like to do that not only in Mexico, but also with the rest of the world.”

Princess Megonondo, Miss Indonesia 2019

Princess Megonondo was a representative of Jambi province at the highly regarded beauty pageant. She never let her smile fade and answered questions directed to her eloquently and confidently. Her star quality was already apparent from the moment she stepped into the stage, and twirled around in her dress. It was only fair that the judges gave her the highest award of the night. “It was truly out of my expectations! I joined this competition with nothing to lose, and I dedicate this for my Mom as she was the driving force behind me. If I can succeed in making her proud, that’s already a plus point for me,” she gushes.

For someone so young, she already has a deep understanding of life and upholds her own life value. “The life value that I live by is whatever energy I can give out to the world, is what you’re going to get in return,” she shares. She trusts the old saying that good things come to those who wait, and time will tell. “When God thinks it’s the right moment, then He will give it to you. If not, that means there’s something behind it for you to learn. So, I believe God has given me the title of Miss Indonesia 2019 as a sign to tell me that this is my time to contribute to the society.”