Lost in Egypt: 4 Survival Tips

Travel17 January 2018

By Aulia Meidiska

Lost in Egypt: 4 Survival Tips

Scouring the Instagram page of Bianca Adinegoro, co-founder of The Brand Buffet (a website for pre-loved branded fashion goods), we were enthralled by her intriguing travel posts. It is truly a sigh of bliss for her followers to enjoy the sceneries of native lands captured through her camera lens, particularly the ones from Egypt. She shares the four essentials of Egypt for first-timers, exclusively for HighEnd.


Egypt is a Mediterranean country which links the northeast Africa and southwest Asia. According to Bianca, winter (December to January) is the best time to stroll around rather than in summer (around May to October) with its scorching sun.  The condition may vary, depending on where you are. She went in March, when the weather basically was pretty good, except in Aswan and Abu Simbel.


Due to some unexpected occurrence happening in this predominantly Muslim country, high-level of security demands you to book a tour agent whilst sightseeing. One of other reasons is because exploring Egypt is not a piece of cake; always join a reliable tour operator, such as Abercrombie and Kent, she advises. Hiring a tour guide is a worthy solution for reducing the pain of arranging visitation permits. Despite critical events in the past, Egypt is basically a safe country today.


Referring to Egypt’s largest religion, Islam, she encourages travelers to be concerned about outfits. Though lots of tourists are wearing short pants and tank tops, she believes respecting local culture is significant. Put some proper clothes, or at least knee-length shorts for the bottom.


Asked about five things to carry while traveling, Bianca informs to keep hat and sunscreen close at hand since almost all tourism destinations are located outdoor. Also wear comfortable shoes (preferably sneakers and white ones so that the dust will not be too visible). Moreover, scarf is needed to enter mosques and certain streets. Lastly, bring a good camera.

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